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Here are just some of their reviews…

“Mr. Dawood is the guy that lawyers call to learn how to better protect their own clients” – Vick B, Businesswoman

“Based on a recommendation from my banker, I contacted Dawood & Dawood to help me organize my estate and prepare my living trust. I was so impressed with how organized and detailed my living trust package was when they presented it to me. The staff made sure that my living trust was completed exactly the way I intended it to be. Almost everyone that has ever seen my living trust package became so impressed with it that they have insisted on knowing who prepared it for me. I have recommended Dawood & Dawood to all of my close friends and family members.” – Samantha Darcy, Businesswoman

“I have been in business for over 18 years, and I have owned and operated several corporations. I used Dawood & Dawood to set up one of my corporations as well as my living trust. There was a world of difference in the level of service I received from Dawood & Dawood in comparison to other firms that I used in the past. Not only did they take their time to teach me about corporations and living trusts, but they also provided me with unlimited support to answer any questions or make any changes. I will never have another legal document prepared without using their office.” – David Wyatt, Proprietor

“I have been Mr. Dawood’s client since 2004. Although I know he is busy, he always has the time to speak with me and telephone calls are always returned promptly. I have never experienced better service!” Timothy Wilkins, Director of Marketing

“I have never met a group of professionals that operate with such efficiency and integrity. Whenever I was told that something would get done, it always got done ahead of schedule. I’m confident legal documents are in the best hands. Thanks a million!” Roger Salsbury, Department of Education

Nathan assisted us with our estate plan and did an amazing job!  He was excellent to work with and educated us in the process.  I would never use anyone else to assist me with my estate plan! – Rich S.

Nathan is amazingly knowledgeable, informative and caring. He listened to our needs and made sure that our companies and estate plans were created exactly as we requested.  His professionalism is second to none! – Oscar E.

I received the highest level of professional service beyond my expectations. For the first time in my life, I feel extremely comfortable with my estate plan.   Thank you for your invaluable help! – Eva F.

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